Activating Premium Plugins & Services

Activating Premium Plugins & Services

Depending on your Vortex Dashboard plan you may have access to install a number of different premium plugins and services on your Vortex Dashboard websites.

Premium Plugins

  1. Smush Pro (image compression and optimization)
  2. Hummingbird Pro (website speed and performance optimization)
  3. Defender Pro (security scanning and website protection)
  4. SmartCrawl Pro (Search Engine Optimization)
  5. Snapshot Pro (automated incremental website backups)

Premium Services

  1. Analytics (white-label traffic statistics right in the Vortex Dashboard)
  2. Uptime (get alerted if your website goes down, track uptime statistics)

How to Activate and Install

  1. Click on a connected website on the Vortex Dashboard
  2. Under the "Recommended Services" section click on the "Install & Activate" or "Activate" buttons and follow the prompts

  3. After a service has been installed and/or activated, the icon at the top of the Dashboard will turn from grey to either red or green (depending on if any problems are detected).

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